Major functions of the DSTC include sponsoring technical sessions at major conferences, organizing workshops and tutorials, and organizing special issues of IEEE journals.

Special Issues, Workshops, Tutorials

  • JSAC Issue Channel Modeling, Coding and Signal Processing for Novel Physical Memory Devices and Systems published September 2016. CFP
  • JSAC Issue Communication Methodologies for the Next-Generation Storage Systems published May 2014. CFP
  • JSAC Issue Data Communication Techniques for Storage Channels and Networks, published February 2010.CFP
  • IEEE ICC 2012 — Workshop on Emerging Data Storage Technologies. web site
  • Globecom 2010 — Workshop on Application of Communication Theory to Emerging Memory Technologies. web site list

Technical Sessions at ICC and Globecom

Upcoming data storage tracks

  • ICC2020 in Dublin, Ireland. Jeongseok Ha and Marcelo Marotta, Track Chairs.
  • Globecom 2019 in Big Island of Hawaii, USA. Anxiao (Andrew) Jiang, Track Chair.
  • ICC 2019 in Shanghai, China. Xinmiao Zhang, Track Chair

Recent data storage tracks

Data Storage Representitives 1992 to 2012

The DSTC Representitive proposes the data storage track to Globecom/ICC.

Michael Melas, ICC ’92; Alan Armstrong, Globecom ’93; Jay Moon, ICC ’94; Kevin Fisher and Pablo Ziperovich, Globecom ’94; Jack Kenney, ICC ’95; Hemant Thapar, Globecom ’95; Jay Moon, ICC ’96; Nersi Nazari, Globecom ’96; Kevin Fisher, ICC ’97; Kelly Fitzpatrick, Globecom ’97; Sathotharan Nair, ICC ’98; Nersi Nazari, Globecom ’98; Zak Keirn, ICC ’99; Eric McDonald, Globecom ’99; Shirish Altekar, ICC 2000; Yuan Xing Lee, Globecom 2000; Gregory L Silvus, ICC 2001; Aleksandar Kavcic, Globecom 2001; Aleksandar Kavcic ICC 2002; Steven McLaughlin, Globecom 2002; Bane Vasic, ICC 2003; Yuan Xing Lee, Globecom 2003; Vijayakumar Bhagavatula, Globecom 2004; Jing (Tiffany) Li, ICC 2005; Shaohua Yang, Globecom 2005; Erozan Kurtas, ICC 2006, Erozan Kurtas, Globecom 2006, Yuanxing Lee, ICC 2007, Bruce Wilson, Globecom 2007. Tiffany Jing Li, ICC 2008, Bruce Wilson, Globecom 2008, Shaohua Yang, ICC 2009, Globecom 2009, Fatih Erden, ICC 2010, Riccardo Raheli. Globecom2010, Haitao (Tony) Xia and Bill Radich. ICC2011, Tiffany Li. Globecom2011, Alex Dimakis. ICC2012, Warren Gross, Kui Cai. Globecom 2012, Zining Wu