Call for Nominations for Officers 2021 – 2022

Dear Data Storage Technical Committee Members,

On behalf of IEEE Data Storage Technical Committee (DSTC), I would like to invite you to nominate or self-nominate candidates for 2021-2022 DSTC officer positions. 

The IEEE ComSoc Data Storage Technical Committee (DSTC) has the following positions:

(1) Chair

(2) Vice Chair from Academia

(3) Vice Chair from Industry

(4) Secretary

(5) Treasurer

Each officer has a two-year service term (Jan 1, 2021-Dec 31, 2022). The Chair must step down after one term, and the other officers can be re-elected once to the same position (up to 4 years).

Please feel free to nominate candidates for these positions. Self-nominations are also welcome. A candidate who intends to run for an officer position must send a resume/CV and a supporting (short) statement to Shayan Srinivasa Garani < > and Jeongseok Ha <> by December 6, 2020.

The election will be held before Dec. 15th, 2020. Only active members (aka voting members) are eligible to vote. Voting instructions will be emailed to active members. The details about the election procedures including the definition of a voting member are given at the DSTC web page

under 3) standard nomination and election procedures as part of ComSoc.

The current list of active members (who are eligible to vote for the election) is given on the next page.

Candidates may talk to active members to seek suggestions and/or support.


Shayan Srinivasa Garani

Chair, IEEE Data Storage Technical Committee 

Download the call for nominations