Mailing List and Membership

Being on the DSTC mailing list establishes you as a DSTC member. The DSTC operates a low-volume mailing list, to announce upcoming meetings, conferences and activities. If you want to be a member without being on the mailing list (or vice verse), contact the DSTC Secretary.


To subscribe to the DSTC mailing list, send a message to:

with message body:

subscribe dstc Your Name, Your Affliation

After sending the request, you’ll receive an email with a confirmation link.


To unsubscribe from the DSTC mailing list, send a message to:

with message body:

unsubscribe dstc

Or, send an email to the DSTC secretary for manual removal.

Changing your email To change your email address, subscribe using the new address and unsubscribe using the old address. Also, you can change your name/affiliation by sending a new subscription request with the new name/affiliation.

Post a Message

You can submit a post by sending it to:

Calls for papers relating to data storage, student interships, etc. are welcome. Your message will reach about 180 members, in both industry and academia. The list is moderated, and submissions unrelated to data storage will not be approved.